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Pedestrian Turnstile Gate

  Features of Tripod Turnstile ● Smooth and silent running performance ● Minimal power consumption ● Attractive, stylish design ● Comfortable passage thanks to servo positioning drive ● Space-saving variants available ● Barrier-free solutions...     Read More
2012-6-18 12:04:04

Rfid Card Reader Turnstile

  Features of Turnstile Gate 》》 Designed reasonable and reliable movement, noise small, the internal hydraulic device automatically Buffer, run a smooth, long service life. 》》 With the power drop-shot function, can also carry out additional remote control rod ,it in the...     Read More
2012-6-18 15:14:29

Security Tripod Turnstile

Features of Tripod Turnstile ★  Stainless steel box, box-type bevel shape, novel and beautiful, durable. ★   Waterproof, sunscreen, anti-temperature, anti-cold. ★  Access Prompt function:Red and green light prompt the passing information. ...     Read More
2012-6-18 15:18:59

2016 new turnstile

2016 new turnstile    Description: 1.Material:1.5mm Stainless steel 304#             2.Standard interface, external fingerprints, vomit ticket, ID, IC reading card equipments                     &...     Read More
2012-6-19 8:46:23

Biometeric Fingerprint Turnstile

Features of Turnstile Gate   ★  Serious Security . Mechanical locking against infractions for increased security and greater turnstile durability . Compact turnstile with arms that do not encroach the walkway ★ Durable...     Read More
2012-6-18 11:58:08
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